How to Add LinkedIn to Resume

How to Add LinkedIn to Resume

You’ve probably already heard that HR specialists often look up the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles when evaluating their resumes. Indeed, this is a common practice among human resources specialists. This is why adding LinkedIn to resume is a good idea since an HR specialist will be most probably checking it anyway. The easier you make it for them to find all the necessary information, the more positive impression about your candidature you create.

While an answer to the “Should I put my LinkedIn on my resume” question is an obvious “Yes!”, you might be wondering how to put LinkedIn on resume in a professional manner. Below, we will give a detailed explanation of this subtle yet important stage in writing your resume.

How to Include LinkedIn on Resume

linkedin on resume

Before putting LinkedIn on a resume, take a close look at your profile. You need to make sure that it looks informative and professional enough so that its presence in your resume would be justified. To share LinkedIn profile on a resume, you need to make it:

Up-to-date. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile for a long time, an attentive HR specialist will notice this informational gap between your profile and resume.

Professional. An approach you take to moderating your LinkedIn profile should be just as serious as to writing your resume. Compose an engaging summary, include a professional headshot, and don’t forget to proofread everything you’ve written in your profile. If your profile can’t boast of a substantial number of connections, take some time to add new connections using the “People you may know” feature.

Different from your resume. Under no conditions, should your LinkedIn profile be identical to your resume. First, your profile gives a broader overview of your whole career while your resume should normally be tailored to a specific position you are applying for. Second, LinkedIn allows using a more conversational tone and thus offer the HR specialist a slightly different look at your candidature. Finally, your LinkedIn profile should ideally include several recommendations, which are normally not included in a resume.

Where to Put LinkedIn on Resume

linkedin url on resume

The last thing you need to learn is where to put a LinkedIn address on resume. The answer is simple: you should add the URL leading to your profile in the Contacts section of your resume. To make LinkedIn URL on resume look professional, you need to customize it to a shorter and more readable version.

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The new smaller and more elegant URL is ready to be added to your resume. For the best results, omit the “https://www” part of the URL and don’t include the “LinkedIn URL” phrase before the actual URL. The HR specialist will understand where the URL leads to anyway, and it’s better not to clutter your resume with unnecessary explanatory phrases.

Highlight the “LinkedIn” word on resume header, click the right mouse on it, and insert hyperlink with your customized URL.

Sample resume with the LinkedIn URL

resume with linkedin link

Instead of using LinkedIn URL text format, you can also add LinkedIn logo for resume. Download LinkedIn logo and insert it with the hyperlink in Contact information.

Now you know how to list LinkedIn on resume in a professional and efficient manner. All that is left for you now is to translate your knowledge into action and refine your resume with a neat link to your impressive and professional LinkedIn profile.

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