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How to Delete LinkedIn Account is a vast social media for business networking, with more than 250 million active users.

On LinkedIn, you can meet representatives of more than 150 manufacturing industries around the world. And every year these numbers continue to grow.

Of course, besides millions of happy users, some people still want to leave this network. If you are one of them and are no longer satisfied with your social profile, you can cancel LinkedIn account anytime! For this purpose, network developers created a particular function.

In this article, we will explain how to delete a LinkedIn account and reactive it, in case you changed your opinion.

How Do I Remove My Profile from LinkedIn?

Read our step by step guide on how to delete LinkedIn profile:

  1. Open  and log in (with username and password). 
  2. At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, find “Me” option and click on it. 
  3. On the dropdown menu, find and select “Settings & Privacy.”
  4. privacy on linkedin
  5. Under the account tab, scroll down and click on the “Account management section.”
  6. manage your account on linkedin
  7. Select “Change” option near to the “Closing your LinkedIn account.”
  8. close account on linkedin
  9. Confirm the desire to close your account, and write (if you want) a reason or any additional comments. Click “Next.”
  10. hide linkedin account
  11. Enter your password again and select “Close account” option. 
  12. linkedin account shut down

Reasons to Close your LinkedIn Account

Before registration, even relying on other users’ opinions and supporting material, we can’t wholly determine how this or that service will be useful to us. Very often, personal experience is necessary to get a complete picture. Let’s look at the most common reasons why people deactivate their LinkedIn profiles. 

  • Tired of unhealthy competition. LinkedIn gets about 1 billion searches a day and has over 49% of key decision-makers. Thus, it does not matter what you or your company does, all people one way or another must-do marketing to stand out. 
  • Need to talk more about yourself than about the company’s product. People like to buy from people, not from companies. Having a Linkedin account, you regularly need to update information and work on content.  
  • Linkedin has unlimited license to sell information to anyone. More and more people are deleting their accounts to protect personal data. In 2.2 section of the LinkedIn user agreement written about an unlimited license to use your profile information. 
  • Tired to get spam messages. Some users complain that receive hundreds of spam messages about new vacancies and job offers.
  • It took too much time. You can easily find a job, but many users still spend a lot of time on account promotion. Some of them google “how do I close my LinkedIn account” at the very beginning because they do not want to spend at least some time to fulfill personal info. 


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How to Close the LinkedIn Account If I Don’t Remember the Password? 

How to delete a LinkedIn account without email?

In this case, you will need to contact support.

A support worker will ask you to prepare any device with a camera, and an identity card (driver license, ID card, or passport).

You will need to take a photo of yourself with your ID and send it to the support email (+ link to your LinkedIn profile, or information about it).

When your identity is verified, you can log in to your account with a new email address and delete it in the same way. 

How to delete a LinkedIn account without a password?

This situation is much simpler and can be resolved in a few minutes.

On the home page, click to “Log in” and then “Forgot password?” option.

Write your email address or mobile phone number to reset your password.

In case you forget your email address on cannot reach it, scroll to our 1st answer. 


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How to Deactivate LinkedIn?

Removing your LinkeIn page is a simple process, although a responsible one. You should mind:

  • You’ll lose access to all your contacts and account data.
  • Linkedin users will not see your profile anymore. 
  • All recommendations and confirmation of your skills (given by other participants) will be deleted. 

From our guide, you already know how to delete LinkedIn page.

Before to finish, we want to note that after removing, you always have the opportunity to reopen it.

But it is possible only in the first 20 days after the date your profile has been closed.

However, you still lose access to group memberships, followings, endorsements, and recommendations. Therefore, it is better to be 100% sure before searching “how to close LinkedIn account” and think twice.

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