how to view saved jobs on linkedin

How to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular media platforms to find new employees or find a new job. If you still doubt whether it is worth starting your profile on this digital platform, then here are some statistics about LinkedIn:

  • About 89% of all companies are looking for employees in their team here;
  • Here, 30 million companies and employers are registered;
  • One resume or announcement on LinkedIn can cover 12% of all registered users, as well as other media portals.

This is a platform that exists in almost every country in the world, and finding a job on this portal is 54% more realistic than on other job search platforms.

Before putting your profile on public display, it’s worth putting your page under some rules and hacks:

  • The profile must be completed in the language in which the employer lives. Additional languages spoken by the employer may be specified separately;
  • The profile itself should visually look creative and catchy. The photo in the background can be associated with the color scheme with the main profile photo;
  • The description at the top of the page should be simple, clear, and concise. This may be a couple of words that accurately describe the type of activity and personality in general.

How to see saved jobs on LinkedIn and apply for a job:

  1. When looking for vacancies in the current offer feed, save those that are most interested and suitable for you;
  2. Selecting vacancies, get to the saved jobs on the LinkedIn tab; 
  3. View all your saved vacancies and send resumes to those that you find most suitable;
  4. Expect a positive response!

How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

Looking through the feed of current vacancies so as not to lose sight of them, the user can save those options that he considers necessary. This is done in order not to manually search again then for vacancies that are of interest, but to immediately choose from those options that move to a separate tab.

All selected job options are placed in the saved jobs section, in which the user can already send their resumes.

In many cases, the user has a question, where are my saved jobs on LinkedIn?

In the saved jobs section on LinkedIn, the user can not only view all the vacancies that he has selected earlier but also immediately respond to the vacancy with the click of a button.

In order to view saved jobs LinkedIn, you need to perform a few simple clicks on the site. All saved vacancies will be present in the section, which can be accessed using the Jobs button in the top profile console. Below is an instruction with a more detailed description of how to get to saved jobs on LinkedIn.

To begin with, it is worth saying that there are two ways to save a vacancy on the LinkedIn website and what to do if LinkedIn saved jobs not showing::

  1. By clicking on Save immediately after viewing a vacancy, by clicking on it.

    view saved jobs linkedin
  2. After all, saved vacancies will go to the saved section, where it will already be possible to select the best of the best-selected jobs.

    where are my saved jobs on linkedin

After all, saved vacancies will go to the saved section, where it will already be possible to select the best of the best-selected jobs.

Where to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

Now let’s move on to the most important part, namely where to see saved jobs on LinkedIn?
If the user uses the PC computer more often, you can find out how to access saved jobs on LinkedIn in just a few clicks of the buttons. So:

  1. In the upper console, click on the Jobs button
    LinkedIn saved jobs
  2. Features like Applied Jobs, Job Alerts, Interview Prep and More you will find Saved Jobs
    access saved jobs
  3. Here you can find a section where you will see saved jobs on LinkedIn. Here, selected vacancies can be deleted from this section, or you can immediately respond to some of them.
    check out saved jobs on LinkedIn

This job search system is available on the PC version on any software.

If you are a new user to this online platform, or just recently registered, then you should not send a resume for every second available and relevant job announcement.

Choose which vacancies should be answered according to the following criteria:

  • Does the company that places the advertisement have information about it and the main photo. This indicates the seriousness of the company, which needs a new employer;
  • What schedule does the company offer and whether it suits you in all respects;
  • It is best to double-check the company on the Internet separately, where you can get to know it better;
  • It is also worth paying attention to how many candidates have already viewed this vacancy, as well as how many have already applied for it. So you already know how to see applied jobs in LinkedIn.

When applying for a job, you need to follow the following points:

  • Respond to the business offers by priority. Some vacancies may soon disappear from the list, so you should reply to the request asap.
  • Do not respond to a vacancy if it already has more than 100 responses from other users. The percentage of job hunters will automatically decrease.

How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn App

LinkedIn also offers its users a mobile version of the application, with which you can just as well apply for a job and find a job. How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn app:

  1. After downloading the application and saving the vacancies, go to the Jobs
  2. Going to the Jobs section, click on the three dots in the top console
  3. Then a console will appear below with a choice of functions from which the saved works will be.
  4. And welcome to the tab of saved works that the user added there earlier

So now you know what to do if you can’t find saved jobs on LinkedIn. Good luck with your job search!

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