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How to Write a LinkedIn Summary: 10 LinkedIn Summary Examples

Many people believe that LinkedIn is a job search platform similar to Upwork, Freelancer, Flex jobs, and many others.

However, this belief is erroneous. LinkedIn is a social network for business communication that connects head hunters and job seekers, recruiters, colleagues, competitors, brands, and various industries.

That is why all people who are related to business and want to climb up the career ladder, start accounts in this network but not on Instagram.

But why so crucial to have a profile there?

In our modern world, people have become actual “brands” with more power (at least online) than global companies like Coca-Cola or Nike. Unlike corporations, people are real and way closer to each other.

Thus, we all are forced to learn how to “present,” “advertise,” and “sell” ourselves properly. So, Linkedin became an excellent platform for these purposes.

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Starting a LinkedIn account is the very first (easiest) step to achieve many professional goals. When filling out the profile is considered the most responsible and challenging stage. Many people hate this process, and we can understand why.

Among all sections, many users often skip the “Summary” part, as one of the most boring, long to write, and “not so necessary.” Nothing new here, it is quite a common mistake, especially among newbies.

Therefore, we decided to devote an entire article to the LinkedIn summary topic and give some great examples. Keep reading.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary

good linkedin summary

There are 4 types of people who deal with this task differently:

  1. Who order LinkedIn profile writing services on resume websites;
  2. Who write 2-3 short sentences and think that it is enough;
  3. Who do not fill out this section at all;
  4. Who try to create a perfect paper and ready to devote enough time.

If you are “the 4th type,” this article was written just for you. But first, let’s see why the summary is so essential for your profile:

Search results. Every day, recruiters open the Linkedin network to find potential employees and close vacancies. At first glance, the summary looks as not a very significant section compared to the work experience description and position titles. But still, it can increase the chances to be found by recruiters among many other similar job seekers.

Professional bios on LinkedIn always include rare and hard skills, professional vocabulary, job titles, and industry terminology. In other words, they cover most of the possible terms which the head hunter will likely plug into a search field.

First impression.The profile photo and headline will always make the very first impression. But, the first part of your summary will also be visible to all account visitors.

Before scrolling down, the recruiter will see the first 300 characters of your bio and will decide to read further or not. That is why creating a text that will match best LinkedIn summaries is so vital for any user who wants to make a positive first impression.

Tell about yourself.Of course, this employment-oriented network is different from Facebook or Instagram, where people day and night are talking about themselves. Linkedin users must comply with the standards of professionalism and create content within their specialization.

But these norms do not forbid showing your individuality.Let prospective employers see your personality from career achievements to life motivations in your LinkedIn summary statement.

New opportunity. All sections in your profile are significant and must be filled out. The Linkedin summary is the one more possibility to find an employer or business connects that is so critical, especially for students or recently graduated. It is an extra opportunity to attract attention to your page and the easiest way to highlight, among other profiles.

LinkedIn Bio

professional bios on linkedin

Best LinkedIn bios never look like a summary of a resume. Let’s find out the difference:

  • The resume summary usually tells about specific achievements in the position. Thus, it is a distinct and targeted work experience description, which often written to clarify and supplement the resume paper.
  • The LinkedIn profile summary is a brief of your career experience, skills, career ambitions, and personal qualities for a wide audience. In other words, it is the sum bio, which should describe your viewpoints and activities with a prospect for professional goals.

So, the LinkedIn bio is a broader concept than a resume summary. But still, it shouldn’t be too unfocused. It is necessary to find a balance between general information that will be useful for most readers (from recruiters to business partners) and specific keywords that will show up in the search results.

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LinkedIn Summary Generator

Over the past few years, a lot of online writing companies began to offer a LinkedIn profile summary generator service. Mostly, such services are free, as they work on a primitive basis.

  1. You fill out a form that describes personal info, work experience, skills, career plans, and any other additional information.
  2. Click on the “Generate” button, and in 10 seconds, receive a standard LinkedIn summary template, but with your info.

Should you use such a paper for your business profile? The answer is NO. Even an inexperienced recruiter will always recognize the pattern.

However, if writing is not your talent, then such a template is not the worst option. But do not copy-paste it, try to be creative, and change the paper to make it more unique.

What to Put in Your LinkedIn Summary?

essential elements to include on linkedin summary

Probably the biggest mistake made by newbies after leaving this section empty is to write a vast autobiography.

An autobiography that captures university achievements, the first job in a restaurant, the second job as an intern, and so on to something more impressive. Do not do this.

But what to put in a good summary for LinkedIn then? The content of your profile bio should always be based on your occupation. In other words, any information that you write in this section, one way or another, should logically relate to your professional career. Let’s look at it closer.

What to Include in the LinkedIn Summary?

If you are a good writer, you can create a coherent story about your achievements and career ambitions. If not, it is best to follow the basic template and write only essential information:

  • basic personal info;
  • occupation;
  • unique skills and knowledge;
  • specific accomplishment;
  • ambitions and plans.

Also, you can try to answer a few questions that will help to show yourself as a professional. Here are some of them you could use while writing a LinkedIn summary:

  • What skill combination helps you to reach the result?
  • Why do you choose your occupation?
  • What sets you apart from other people?
  • Why do you love your profession?
  • What are your career ambitions?
  • Why are you passionate about your industry?
  • Why did you like your previous job position?
  • What gave you a previous job position?
  • What are your guiding beliefs?

How Long Should a LinkedIn Summary Be?

The maximum allowable text can be no more than 2000 characters. But do not forget the primary writing rule – brevity is the sister of talent.

Try to write as clearly and concisely as possible. In general, 100-150 words should be enough to tell a small story, or once again emphasize your skills and accomplishments. 

11 LinkedIn Summary Examples For Job Seekers

writing a linkedin summary

If you are currently unemployed, the last thing you should do is to highlight that you are not working now. On the opposite, you should emphasize your activities, even if it is not directly related to work. It may be volunteering or participating in projects, public organizations, start-ups, etc. In linkedin summary for job seekers, every relevant activity is vital. Read on our linkedin bio examples.

LinkedIn Summary For Recent Graduate

“I’m a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. This year I got my Master’s Degree in Science in Biomedical Engineering. I have a robust research background in Biotechnology, Biosystems, and Molecular Engineering.

For the last six months, I have worked as an intern in the Open Bionics company on the Clinical Training Guide project. I’m passionate about biotechnology and have extensive experience in physiotherapy and patient adaptation. Also, I am excited to learn and quickly adapt to any environment. So, right now, I’m looking for exciting opportunities in the same area.”

Linkedin Summary Examples Entry Level

“Being a journalist means I traveled and interviewed people with most different life walks. I have experienced in writing for a once-a-week university journal and one local private newspaper.

This occupation is a real reward for me, and I do want to gain new knowledge and practice in journalism writing. Every day I learn something new from people and hasten to share with others.

As a writer, I developed my style but also learned how to adapt to any publication specific language. Also, I had experience in video production and photo shooting. I’m passionate about creating stories with pictures and sounds.

Now I’m looking for any opportunity to work as a full-time digital journalist or writer.”

Good LinkedIn Summary For Students

how to write linkedin summary for students

There are not many LinkedIn summary examples for students on the Internet. It is not surprising, because most of them think more about parties than about future professions. They say that these years are the best, and it is true for all times.

But everything is changing, and the labor market competition is becoming more stringent each year. That is why every student who wants to build a successful career should create a LinkedIn profile and start making business connections before graduate.

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Engineering Students

“I’m a second-year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at Pennsylvania State University. My main specialization is Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Design.

From the beginning of 2019, I have become a member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I got the ASME Scholarship (2020-2021 academic year) for individual Design Project at Advanced Mechanics of

Materials. Right now, I’m looking for a part-time internship in design and develop models of mechanical components. Contact me anytime.”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For College Students

“In a high-school and now in college, I often perform improv shows, stand-ups, and sketch. Such an experience taught me how to attract the attention of any target audience and make to smile the most severe spectators.

But now, I want to devote more time to my craft as a Sales Manager, where I can apply all my communication skills and charm. I am looking for my first part-time position in this industry with a great desire to succeed. My initial goal is to become the employee of the month.”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Business Students

“A first-year Mendoza College of Business student, focusing on Business Analytics and Finance Investments. From the whole group, I was selected to join the top finance student team for a college project on distribution all annual money donations (more than $6 million).

Currently, I’m working on my project, which will help clients maintain finances and reduce the loan’s percentage in banks. Am also looking for a temporary job in the distribution of business funds. I want to contribute and apply my analytical skills.”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Sales

“I work with CMO’s, CEO’s, and VP’s of Marketing & Sales to adapt their sales tactics and attract regular buyers. I’m a senior sales manager who mostly works with money, customers, and products. I can expose sales and increase the company’s budget in several times more than twice a year.

Sales are my passion and sense of life. I’m doing this already for 10 years and continuing to achieve the high goals of every client. In the end, my professional accomplishments speak better for me.”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Finance Students

“Young specialist with a passion for accounting & finance and a great wish to work for a large company. It is my last year of studying at the MIT Sloan School of Management at the Finance faculty. As a member of the MIT Sloan Finance Group’s previous year, I worked on the project “Why Don’t People Invest?” and won the McKinsey Award for it.

Right now, I’m looking for an entry-level role in a large company. Please, contact me if you have any job opportunities in my field. Feel free to ask any questions about my qualifications and experience – I’m ready to send you my long list in private.”

LinkedIn Summary For Computer Science Students

“I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and now found myself as the last year student of the world’s best University of Oxford at Computer Science faculty. Nothing to add here, I study all the time.

Right now, I’m working on a thesis about the importance of open-source software. Therefore, I want to participate in other non-profit projects or start-ups related to my thesis topic. Feel free to write me with any info, and job offers on the remote form.

You can contact me directly at [email protected].”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Marketing

“Cross-functional, passionate, result-driven, and creative marketing expert with more than 7 years in a tech marketing career ladder across product marketing, communications, merchandising, and content. I believe that high-quality marketing is a central part of any brand recognition. You can check out my advertising blog to find out more.

Here are a few of my marketing skills:

SEO strategies / Podcasts / Digital marketing / Content Building (blogs, eBooks, ghost posts, design, photoshop, etc.) / Media Buying / E-Commerce / Market Research / Corporate Branding / Video Marketing.”

LinkedIn Summary Examples For Career Change

“I love to solve problems. Throughout my career as a Computer Systems Analyst, I have been driven by my curiosity to find answers and solutions to the most pressing situations.

I have a passion for making all systems work better. That is why I decided to try my problem-solving and analytical skills in a new industry for me. Having a vast wealth of knowledge and practice in computer systems, I started blogging.

So now, I am looking for a new job as a Content Manager or Senior Copywriter in a company related to my previous profession.”

We hope our list of LinkedIn summary examples gave you inspiration for describing and exposing your professional background.

Never stop working on and enhancing your profile, because all details are essential.


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