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Overview of LinkedIn Easy Apply

LinkedIn Easy Apply provides an efficient way to submit job applications. This option is often referred to as a LinkedIn one click apply method. Consider using this option when you are short on time or do not have an updated resume. However, make sure your profile includes all the needed details and tells the story you want to convey.

What is LinkedIn Easy Apply?

The LinkedIn Easy Apply button provides another method for submitting job applications when compared to using the apply with LinkedIn button. Using the “Apply” button takes you to a company’s website or to an outside applicant tracking system. If the job poster allows Easy Apply, it provides a quicker way of applying with LinkedIn vs resume.

How Do I Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn?

applying for jobs on linkedin

You may find open positions by using job alerts, searching in the toolbar or by seeing openings in your feed. After finding a suitable opening, you may wonder how does LinkedIn Easy Apply work. Follow the below steps to see:

  1. Click on the job title and view the details to see how the company wants to receive applicants.
  2. Click on the “Easy Apply” button. linkedin easy apply
  3. Complete the required fields by entering your email and phone number.
  4. Decide if you want to include your resume – this is optional. By default, LinkedIn includes your entire profile. To proceed, choose one of the following:
    • Use your stored LinkedIn resume.
    • Upload your resume as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.
    • Use a PDF version of your LinkedIn profile as a resume.
  5. Decide if you want to upload a cover letter (optional).
  6. Now you will see a field about following the company.
    • By default, LinkedIn checks this option.
    • Uncheck the box if you do not want company updates.
  7. Click “Submit.”

Before submitting your application, make sure your tagline fits the position. To change the tagline, click “Review Profile.”

Should I Apply with LinkedIn?

You may wonder if you should apply with LinkedIn or not. You will find the answer on the job details page. Employers will tell you how – that could be through their website, another applicant tracking system or by sending an email. In those cases, do not use LinkedIn to apply. Most recruiters will not consider you for any position if you do not follow the specified process.

FYI: LinkedIn does not have the ability to modify or retract applications. If you applied in error or wish to withdraw your application, you should contact the job poster by using InMail.

Does LinkedIn Easy Apply Work?

If the job poster allows Easy Apply, it provides one of the quickest ways to apply for many jobs. This saves you valuable time.

However, you need to manage your expectations. The job poster will likely get many applicants. Despite this, the posting shows how many people have applied. Use that information to make your decision. If you see the early applicant sign, get your application in as soon as possible – you stay closer to the top of the list.

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Should I Include a Cover Letter When Applying on LinkedIn?

Because LinkedIn has limitations when it comes to customization, you have ways to tailor your profile – by uploading your resume or by using LinkedIn Easy Apply cover letter.

Some recruiters will not look at your application if you fail to submit a cover letter. This is usually provided in the application instructions. If you want a specific job more than others submit a cover letter. This shows you took the time to further introduce yourself. Additionally, you provide a concise way of letting the company know why you want to work there and how you may help the organization. It also gives the job poster another chance to scan for keywords.

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Should I Apply Through LinkedIn or a Company Website?

Many people wonder is it better to apply through LinkedIn or company website. Companies determine how they want applicants to apply. If companies allow Easy Apply, you should feel good about your decision to apply through LinkedIn.

Applying through LinkedIn allows prospective employers to view your job history and recommendations. You cannot customize your profile to fit every open position. However, you may attach your resume and cover letter. By attaching these items, you better tailor your application to fit a specific job. This almost mirrors the process of applying through a company website.

When I Apply for a Job on LinkedIn is it Private?

private applying for jobs

You may ask yourself if I apply for a job on LinkedIn will my employer know. The short answer is no. Only you have the ability to view applied jobs. You will find them under the “Applied jobs” heading. No one else can access this information as LinkedIn makes this private by default. Additionally, LinkedIn does not send out updates when you apply.

If you still feel uneasy go to “Manage Privacy and Settings” and decide how others view your profile, updates and other information. At the top of the page, you will see your name and “you’re the boss of your account.”

You may also control settings by going to the “Job seeking preferences” tab under “Manage Privacy and Setting.” Under this tab, you may:

  • Decide how LinkedIn saves your information when you apply for a job.
  • Let recruiters know you are looking for new opportunities.
  • Set up alerts – these go to the recruiters of the companies that you created alerts for.
  • Share your profile when you click “Apply.” You may undo this action if you did this on accident or changed your mind. You still need to finish the application process at the external site.

If you want others to know you are seeking new opportunities share an update.

How Do I See the Jobs I Applied for on LinkedIn?

viewed job applications on linkedin

You have the option to either view the jobs you applied for or saved ones. To view the jobs you applied for:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click the “Job” icon – you will see a briefcase on the navigation toolbar.
  3. Click on “Track my Jobs” – you will find this above the search bar.
  4. Now you will see “Jobs Tracked.”
  5. Click on the “Applied” link.
  6. To view the job details page, click into a specific job.
  7. Alternatively, you have the ability to view job statuses while on the overview page without clicking a specific job title.

You can see if a recruiter viewed your profile or not. If a recruiter viewed your profile it says, “”Application viewed.” If those words do not appear, the company did not open your application.

You may also view your saved jobs to see if the company still accepts applications. Simply click on “Jobs Tracked.”

At the bottom of a specific listing, you will see if a company still accepts applications. This gives you an idea of where the company is in the hiring process.

On this page, you may also view:

  • Your job searches
  • Recommendations based on what you viewed
  • Recommendations based on your profile and career interests – you may update your interests directly from this section by clicking “Update Career Interests.”

You cannot customize your profile for every open position by applying through LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn serves as a one-stop site for finding and applying for open positions. If you follow the job posters instructions and use the tools you have, you can get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn.

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