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Top 12 LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Hunters

LinkedIn is one of the biggest and worldwide recruiting platform, so you definitely make a great decision to make a profile here. Now a few words about the system itself:

LinkedIn is an economic platform whose task is to bring together all highly qualified specialists to find employees or vice versa in order to find a job.  The system has been operating since 2003, and now there are users from more than 200 countries. A huge number of world-famous organizations collaborate with the system and the number of registered users has already exceeded 600 million.

Due to statistics, more than 80% of all companies seek and find their employees there. Therefore, if you still doubt whether you should register there or not – drop all your doubts.

Here we will describe in detail and show how to better nail a profile and how should good LinkedIn headlines look like.

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Best 12 LinkedIn Headlines

The first thing that employers and other users notice on your profile is your catchy LinkedIn headline. Many users think that after the company sees the LinkedIn title on this, familiarization with your profile information will end. But that’s not true. A huge role is played by a great made headlines, as this is the first thing the applicant sees. It should be brief information about a person. That is why it is important to focus on this part.

Before rushing to compile information right now, we offer 12 LinkedIn headline samples of best profiles.

  1. Nanci Smith. A big role in the LinkedIn professional headline is played by the photo on the background. In most cases, they are set by default, chosen from the system offers. But the right approach will be if you create the right photo yourself for the background, which will tell other users about your career ambitions. In addition, first, a person always pays attention to the picture and what mood it conveys, and only then to its context. As is the case with Nanci. Her background is not only pleasant but also tells us about her working experience in the jurisdiction.
  2. nanci smith linkedin headline

  3. Sebastian Lora. A bright LinkedIn example of how you can briefly and clearly describe what you do. In the case of Sebastian, he just in a couple of words described his occupation. Pay attention to how he correctly set priorities, indicating his studies, and put the status of Youtuber in the end. And he separated all the phrases not just dots or slashes, but emoticons. Why not? This will definitely add variety to the standard information.
  4. sebastian lora linkedin headline
  5. Karen Yankovich. In order to interest leading companies, you can demonstrate current achievements or current offers. Headline Karen is designed just to develop other profiles on LinkedIn. In her case, it is important to demonstrate what she can offer now and how she differs from other speakers. According to it, she used the background photo, and correctly beat this item.
  6. karen yankovich linkedin headline
  7. Meghan Green. It is not necessary to express all the information in the background photo. On LinkIn, you are primarily to find a serious job. Therefore, you can immediately indicate your current position. Nothing more, just brief working information.
  8. meghan green linkedin headline
  9. Jane Case. Another helpful tip when compiling your LinkedIn tagline is to indicate your place of work and last place of study. A brief description of what you do in life and the main profile picture with your bright smile. And with the help of the second photo, Jane demonstrates and advertises her book product. Thus, even if you do not indicate this information in the main text, the background image will speak it for you.
  10. jean case linkedin headline
  11. Linda Greenway. If you have your own business and want to present and demonstrate your services right away, make your profile easy remembered. A photo in which you hold awards, and photos in the background immediately shows what you can offer, then this is definitely a winning option. No unnecessary information and abstruse words. Everything is simple and clear.
  12. linda greenway linkedin headline
  13. Greg Foster. Indicate your specialty and work direction is certainly great, but what if you specific information that is definitely remembered and impressed. In his profile, Greg in one sentence describes the story of his life and how he came to the success that he has now. Putting all this in one sentence is hard, almost impossible. But if you make an effort and creativity, you may get something that will definitely impress and add you respect. Choose a fact that will definitely impress others, or tell us about all the greatest success in life.
  14. greg foster linkedin headline
  15. Lily Kwong. When it’s possible to focus on what you are doing, why not take advantage of it? Lily, using capital letters, highlighted the necessary information that she considers most important. This capitalization technique is used not only on LinkedIn but on Instagram blogs and on YouTube. This is a good way to get attention. It is the information that the person selects in this way is remembered most and attracts more attention.
  16. lily kwong linkedin headline
  17. Maryellis Bunn. When we say to use creativity, we mean exactly this. Just see how competently and profitably Bunn uses colors in the design of his profile, and the position allows you to take a walk of imagination. Use also enticing expressions, it certainly will not be superfluous.
  18. maryellis bunn linkedin headline
  19. Elliott Bisnow. Now let’s look at the case when a person has no significant position at the moment and there are no big names for companies that could be designated. Show your attitude to life or to work in one quote. This may be your personal statement or not necessarily. In any case, this will not leave other users indifferent and this LinkedIn headline will definitely catch your attention.
  20. elliott bisnow linkedin headline
  21. Nadia Genevieve Masri. It is needn’t be mentioned how correctly arranged all photo material on the profile. Just pay attention to the fact that Nadia immediately warns that it would be preferable if another user attaches a note to each message. This greatly saves time and energy checking all messages that come to the profile. And so the chance that in general the message will be noticed is higher. From this we can conclude that directly in the LinkedIn headline you can send a message to other users of the site.
  22. nadia genevieve masri linkedin headline
  23. Taylor Offer. Properly selected images are good, but real statistics are even better. So Taylor immediately in the headline will show in numbers how successfully and productively the business he is involved in is. Here you can safely brag about your achievements and show how cool you are. Write your best achievement or title worth your attention. And this rule can be applied to absolutely any field of activity.
  24. taylor offer linkedin headline

What is a Headline on LinkedIn? 

Okay, after 12 LinkedIn headline examples, you already have a small idea of how and why this part of the profile is needed. Therefore, let’s figure out the details of how to properly form it and what to focus on when placing information. So let’s consider what is a good headline for LinkedIn.

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What to Put in a LinkedIn Headline

Before asking what should my LinkedIn headline be, let’s consider some points. Based on our examples, we can already conclude that:

  • This is the first thing any registered user sees in your profile. Without even opening it, exactly this brief information will be displayed in the search. Therefore, here you need to fit a minimum of words with a maximum of meaning.
  • LinkedIn headlines are always about briefly. Here you need to use only common information that briefly describes to you what you are doing and what you can give to the employer.
  • Do not use watery words. Unnecessary phrases, biased assessments should also be avoided. All this is a clear manifestation of unprofessionalism. Serve only hot facts in a wrapper of creativity.
  • The next one immediately follows from the previous paragraph – make your creative LinkedIn headline. Yes, it can be dry facts that will tell about who you are and what you can work on. But catches better than a creative approach? Especially if your work concerns design areas and more. A creative and innovative approach can be applied to everything, so do it wisely.
  • When the employer will look at your headline he should have no questions. You must provide information in such a way that a person immediately understands who you are and what you do. Also, looking at information about you, the employer must answer the question – what can you give in the workplace? Why is your candidacy unique and they should choose you? Therefore, in your headline and profile in general, you should lead the user to this answer.

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How to Write a LinkedIn Headline

Lastly, let’s give you a couple of technical tips on what to write in a LinkedIn headline:

  • Avoid grammar and lexical mistakes. To avoid errors, you can use special programs to check the text. There are several of them on the Internet, some you can connect directly to the browser to check the text for errors even at the stage of its writing.
  • As a rule, employers devote a maximum of 30 seconds to view your headline. Therefore, place the information correctly and wisely so that in these half a minute you are interested in a person.
  • Try to fit all the information into 120 characters. This is the optimal amount of information that employers are willing to pay attention to. Therefore, do not waste them!

And the Last Tip

In search of the job, the most important advice will be patience and always be confident in your abilities. Good luck!

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